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Tayitu Cultural
Educational Center

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Entertain, Educate and Support

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

አኩሪ ታሪክ፣ ባህልና ጥበብን ለመጪው ትውልድ እናስተላልፍ!

ከእውነት ጋር - ከፍትህ ጋር - ከነፃነት ጋር ምንጊዜም መቆም አለብን:: 

Thank you for contributing to the construction of Tayitu's center in Addis Abeba while also helping to preserve a historic structure.

Recent events

Take a glimpse of the last poetry program at Tayitu. AND, Subscribe our Youtube channel to watch what you missed. 

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Let's Create a Space for Art, Culture & Education