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Theater remains an important art form for understanding a culture and society. Modern playwrights use theatre to express opinions about current events, whether those events are cultural or political. Performing in a play or helping build sets for a production allows people, young or old, to express their creativity and learn new skills. Theatre is useful for instruction as well. Throughout time, theatre has played an important role in societies all over the world. The theatre helped societies develop their religions and myths and played a key role in influencing thought. Due to the above reasons and impact Tayitu Cultural and Educational Centre (TCEC) organized and facilitate theatrical workshop to help community learn theatre and think critically which will have an impact on promoting Ethiopian culture.

Tayitu Cultural and Educational Center assaigining the month of November runs a Work shop on different vocational education inviting pioneers and renowned artists on yearly schedule. This preparation designed with the centers plan of action have helped both the youth and elderly. It have also become an instrument to bring those who are professionaly trained in the field to apear in front of the public to present their work of Art.

 In the near future Tayitu have a plan for a longer vocational training,the previous Work shops were 

- Why is the Amharic the working language of Ethiopia

- The various styles of poetry and their laws

- Acting in the movie and Stage Theatre performances 

- What is being a Journalist 

-The roll of social media and radio,tv and magazine Journalist 

- The art of play writing 

- Directing a play

- The Art of Acting

- The off stage theatre people 

- The history of the birth of Theatre

- The history of Ethiopian theatre 

- The origin of the Amharic language 

- Journalistic ethics


- Dr. HAILU Fullas

- Dr. Shimellis Firew

- Prof. TADESSE Adera 

- Ato AMHA Asfaw

- Dr Fekade Azzeze

- Film maker Lucy G/ EGZIABHER 

- Journalist Tizita Belachew 

- Journalist Dereje Desta

- Wtat Behailu Zerihun

-Author Alemayehu G/Hiwot 

- Director Behailu Mengesha 

- Dr Alemayehu Abebe 

-Author Ayalneh Mullat 

- Dr GIRMA Awgichew

- Dr. Hailemarikos Ayalew

-Poet-Actress Alemtsehay Wedajo

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